Site Plan Review

The Norfolk Stormwater Design and Construction Manual has been updated and is under review by City Council.
Norfolk Stormwater Design and Construction Manual 6-30-22
Fact Sheet - Summary of Changes

Review & Approval of Site Plans

Due to State and Federal requirements, the City of Norfolk is authorized and required to regulate and control the release of storm and surface waters within City limits. 

The Department of Public Works, Division of Field Engineering is responsible for review-and-approval of Site Plans submitted to the Department of Planning when land disturbance exceeds 2,500 square feet or impacts are made to public infrastructure related to stormwater management. Chapter 2, Section 2.2 of the Norfolk Stormwater Design and Construction Manual (PDF) provides a list of exemptions.

Stormwater Management Plan Requirements

Section 2.4 of the Manual provides a list of required Stormwater Management Plan contents. Chapter 5 of the Manual expands upon water quality and water quantity requirements within the City.

While the City of Norfolk prefers on-site water quality treatment, off-site compliance options may be utilized in accordance with 9 VAC 25-870-69 and 9 VAC 25-870-99. 

Directive from Norfolk Public Utilities requires all sites with direct-discharge into public reservoirs to treat water quality on-site 100%. Off-site compliance is not an option for water quantity. Post-development runoff from the project site cannot exceed existing conditions.

Best Management Practices (BMP)

When a Best Management Practice (BMP) is proposed to manage water quality and/or water quantity, a Declaration of Covenants (BMP Agreement) is required to be filed at the Circuit Court Clerk's Office with an accompanying Cover Sheet by the Owner of the property or his designee.

Send Copy to Field Engineering

A copy of the stamped Cover Sheet and Declaration of Covenants is to be provided to this office prior to Site Plan approval; please do not send the original. If/when the property is sold, these signed Covenants convey to the new owner and a copy of the Transfer of Ownership form needs to be sent to the Field Engineering Division:

Public Works Field Engineering Division
Kelli Glenn, EIT
Email Kelli Glenn
2233 McKann Avenue
Norfolk VA 23509