Business Compliance Unit

The Business Compliance Unit (BCU) has been operating throughout the City since its creation with the 2023 Budget last July. Now fully staffed and trained, the team has taken full command of its mission – ensuring new and existing businesses are compliant with City regulations. This five-member field inspection team, supplemented by two new planners and one new data analyst, are tasked with inspecting businesses ranging from nightclubs to convenience stores and from used car dealerships to short-term rentals.

In its first six months, the BCU has performed inspections at all hours, including late-night visits to nightclubs, and in all corners of the City. Always performed in a friendly and helpful manner, these inspections serve to inform business operators of regulations, assist them in getting compliant where issues are identified, and confirm compliance moving forward. In a typical week, the team visits between 50 and 100 businesses, allowing ample opportunity for repeat visits and follow-up inspections.

The team's efforts have led many businesses to get their proper approvals, including business licenses, short-term rental registrations and conditional use permits. In the coming months, the BCU will be able to provide detailed reports of its efforts and impact.