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Norfolk Tap water

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Construction Details
Design and Construction Standards (Effective 8/3/18)
Appendix D Standard Details

Norfolk Standard Details Index

Norfolk Wastewater Details

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 CS 01 Shallow brick sewer manhole for depths 3 feet and less
 CS 02 Precast sewer manhole for depths 3 feet to 5 feet  View
 CS 03 Precast sewer manhole  View
 CS 04 Straddle precast sewer manhole  View
 CS 05 Precast sewer drop manhole  View
 CS 06 Drop connection for existing precast sewer manhole  View
 CS 07 Drop connection for existing brick sewer manhole  View
 CS 08 Precast concrete grease interceptor tank  View
 CS 09 Emergency pump connection  View
 CS 10 Typical wye/lateral layout and property line cleanout  View
 CS 11 Main line cleanout   View
 CS 12 30-inch Norfolk project manhole casting and cover  View
 CS 13 30-inch Federal project manhole casting and cover  View
 CS 14 Property line cleanout  View
 CS 15 Mainline cleanout casting and cover  View
 CS 16 Minimum allowable angles for precast manholes with PVC and DI pipe  View
Norfolk Water Details
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CW 01 Tap installation typical for new construction  View
CW 02 Fire hydrant installation  View
CW 03 Water main separation  View
CW 04 5/8-inch to 1-inch water meter box and cover  View
CW 05 1 1/2-inch to 2-inch water meter vault and cover  View
CW 06 3-inch to 4-inch water meter vault and cover  View
CW 07 6-inch water meter vault  View
CW 08 6-inch dual water meter vault  View
CW 09 Deduct meter vault SCADA board layout  View
CW 10 SCADA board power and communications  View
CW 11 SCADA board analog and discrete inputs  View
CW 12 Backflow prevention assemblies layout  View
CW 13 Detector check valve assembly  View
CW 14 Fire protection system reduced pressure zone backflow preventer assembly  View
CW 15 Domestic or irrigation reduced pressure zone backflow preventer assembly  View
Norfolk Water & Sewer Details
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CWS 01 Air vent / Blow-off valve and box  View
CWS 02 Leak detector  View
CWS 03 Small valve box for mains up to 6 inches  View
CWS 04 Large valve box for mains 8 inches and larger  View
CWS 05 Pipe bedding  View
CWS 06 Pipe bedding notes  View
CWS 07 Backfill methods  View
CWS 08 Required pipe cover  View
CWS 09 Temporary pavement patch  View
HRPDC Details with Norfolk Utilities Modifications

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SS 08 Connection into existing manhole  View
SS 17 Force main saxophone connection  View
SS 19 Manhole insert  View
WS 02 Valve setting  View
WS 04 01 NM Steel casing detail  View
WS 04 02 NM Steel casing detail (continued)  View
HRPDC Details Adopted by Norfolk Utilities
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SS 06 Sanitary sewer manhole adjustment  View
SS 07 Sanitary sewer manhole invert shaping  View
SS 18 Force main connection to HRSD force main  View
WD 09 Temporary manifold for testing & chlorination  View
WD 13 Water Sampling Station  View
Norfolk Standard Border and Notes - Drawing Templates

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G 01 Cover Sheet  View  View
G 02 Index Sheet  View  View
G 03 General Notes Sheet  View  View