Team Norfolk Plans

The Code of Virginia, Section 44-146.19, requires each local jurisdiction and inter-jurisdictional agencies to prepare and keep current a local emergency operations plan. Every four years, each local agency will conduct a comprehensive review and revision of its emergency operations plan to ensure that the plan remains current. The following documents make up much of the Team Norfolk Emergency Operations and Resilience Framework. Not posted are documents of a sensitive nature such as Section II - Department-Specific Emergency Action Plans, Section V – Functional and Supporting Annexes, and Section VI – the City’s Continuity of Operations / Continuity of Government Plan.

It is important to note, while the following documents satisfy legal requirements, the framework is a collective work and reference to all Team Norfolk partners. In other words, these are your plans as well. As such, please review and challenge these plans! While the documents are updated throughout the year and certainly after any incident, only by having conversations about realistic expectations throughout the community will they be most effective.

If you would like to discuss these plans or offer recommendations for improvements, please contact us at (757) 441-5600 or

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